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L&M Cigarette Coupons

February 7, 2012

L&M Cigarette Coupons

L&M Cigarette Coupons

The L&M cigarette coupons may not be easily obtained since the company has to take precautionary measures when distributing them but these can be easily obtained online. Whether you are a habitual smoker or a social smoker, it is still best to have these coupons because it can lower the amount that you need to spend for cigarettes.

This brand of cigarettes is actually created by a company named Liggett and Myers. It was first launched in 1953 and this is produced by the Altria Group Incorporated. This brand can be considered as one of the pioneers in the tobacco industry because this is the first one that used a filter that is not double sided.

Yes, just like other companies, the L&M cigarette coupons are also utilized by the companies as a promotional tool. This should encourage more consumers to opt for this brand instead of other competitors. The good thing is that, even if the company aims to make their sales rise, they still implement certain safety measures to ensure that only those who are of legal age can get their hands on the coupons. Because of this goal, it would necessary to provide birth date details, name and even SSN just to get the coupons.

The L&M cigarette coupons can also be obtained from online providers. There are actually two ways on how you could receive them.

Printable L&M Cigarette Coupons

Some websites will give you the chance to print out the digital coupons. Once you have selected which one you would like to utilize, just make a copy of it using your ordinary office or home printer. Then, you can already bring this to the participating local seller. This eliminates the need to wait for a certain period of time before you can start using the coupons.

 L&M Coupons by Mail

In some cases, the coupons will be sent directly to your mailing address. You simply have to wait for a few days until you get it right in your mailbox. That way, you will always have a coupon to use everytime you drop by the local store to buy your favourite cigarette brand.

Just remember, the coupons also have expiration date. The promotion of the company runs only for a particular period of time. Hence, do not expect that you can still use them even after the end date. To be able to get the discounts, you have to utilize the L&M cigarette coupons within the specified date.

L&M Coupons

February 2, 2012

L&M Coupons

L&M CouponsGetting the L&M coupons is possible if you do some simple research via the internet.
Yes, in the earlier years, getting these coupons mean flipping through the pages
of various printed materials. This means trying your luck if you could find one in
newspapers, magazines or grocery fliers. If you are really eager to get one, you might
even find your self checking mail inserts or writing a letter to the companies.

These days are gone. Well, it is still possible to get one from the printed materials.
However, this means waiting for your chance to come since it is not always that you
could find the ones that you could use.

Find L&M Coupons Online

The easiest way to get the L&M coupons is to look for them online. How exactly are
you going to do this?

All it takes is opening your computer and connecting to the internet. Just by utilizing
your web browser, you can already locate the online coupon providers. Do not worry
that these websites may just be another way to present scam to consumers like you.
The manufacturer taps these websites to be able to distribute them to more people.

What makes the coupons different from other grocery coupons is that it is not
available for everyone. There are certain restrictions that have to be observed right
from obtaining the coupons that you could use.

Online providers would not automatically let you download the coupons. Yes, you
can view the offer. However, the websites would usually redirect you to another web
page. On that other web page, you would need to put details about your birthday. This
is necessary to ensure that you are old enough to avail the coupons since it is required
that you should be 21 years old an above.

There are certain websites which also require that you type in your SSN. Some people
think that there is a dummy SSN that can be used just to be able to get the L&M
coupons. Truth is, it is a precautionary measure that has to be implemented too. Your
name and SSN has to tally to ensure that the coupons will only be given to those who
are in the right age.

After this, you might even be requested to type in your mailing address or email
address and full name. Any information shared with the website remains confidential.
Asking such details enable the company can send the L&M coupons directly to you.