Pall Mall Coupons

February 4, 2012

Pall Mall Coupons

pall mall couponsDo you believe that Pall Mall coupons can really help you save money? If you still
have not tried using the coupons but you regularly by Pall Mall cigarette, then you
should take action right away. Ask your self, how many times you buy a pack of
cigarette in a week? If everytime you buy one, you could save a few dollars, then that
can already surmount to big savings, right?

There are different variants of Pall Mall. They got Full Flavor, Reds, Straights,

Ultra Light, Gold Filter, Menthol Lights and those are just to mention a few. Which
one of these do you prefer? Regardless of your preferred flavour, finding the Pall
Mall coupons that you could use should not be a problem. By simply accessing
the web based coupon providers, you can already get your hands on these amazing
opportunities for discount.

There are rare occasions when the coupons can still be clipped from printed materials,

particularly magazines. However, relying on these ones might take you forever before
you could find the ones that will match you needs.

Pall Mall Coupons Online

If you are not willing to wait that long just to get your opportunity to avail the
discounts, you just have to access the internet. Several web based coupon providers
offer these coupons. You can actually choose among the different types which could
also give you varying amount of savings.

It has to be noted though that the Pall Mall coupons can not be obtained just like the
others which are used for the usual grocery products. Web providers have to verify
your age since smoking is not allowed for minors. You might need to provide details
about your birthday and some other information that are necessary for verification.
Do not worry because these are just a few questions and once you have accomplished
them, you can already get your hands on the available coupons.

Download Pall Mall Coupons

The coupons may be downloaded right from the web page. In some cases, the
coupons will just be sent to your email address. To be able to use the coupons, you
would need to print them out. The typical home or office printer will already do
the job. Once this is done, bring the coupons along with you when you buy some
cigarettes from the local store. The store attendant may do some verification but so
long as everything is in order, you will be able to get the benefits from the Pall Mall

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22 thoughts on “Pall Mall Coupons

  1. My husband has been smoking Pall Mall Menthol for several years. Since I do the house budgets and buy them I thought this may save us a few dollars.

    • admin on said:

      Great Rhonda! I am the same, I’ve smoked rolling Tobacco for years, but the amount I’ve saved over the past 6 months is incredible! Matthew

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  3. mary glick on said:

    please send me some coupons for pall malls. i can not figure out how to get them so i am hoping this might do it.

  4. kenneth j mcelwee on said:

    would like to have some pall-mall coupons. home address is “213west 3rd street apt.4, frankfort, ky. 40601″ thank you…..

  5. patricia hollingsworth on said:

    have smoked winston most of my life i am 69
    started smoking pall mall about 5 years ago really could use coupons now that i am retired

  6. Debby Widner on said:

    I enjoy The Pall Mall White. Am so glad yall came out with them. I now have my husband smoking Pall Mall Blue. We could really use the coupons.
    Thank you so much,

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