Capri Cigarette Coupons

February 12, 2012

Capri Cigarette Coupons

Capri Cigarette CouponsIt is not just the women who will be happy to receive Capri cigarette coupons. Capri
is often associated as the brand of cigarettes for women. That is because, this brand
of cigarette has an extremely slim shape. Compared to other cigarette sticks, Capri
can be easily identified because it is elongated and are thinly rolled. However, just
because it is shaped like that, it already means that men can not smoke it too. It will
all just depend on preferences.

There are different types of Capri cigarette coupons too since this brand has several
variants. You can choose among Capri Magenta Lights 100’s or 120’s, Capri Indigo
Menthol Lights 120’s, Capri Violet Ultra Lights 100’s or Capri Jade Menthol Ultra
Lights 100’s. The numbers like 100’s and 120’s refer to the length of the cigarette
sticks, in terms of millimetres. Hence, the 120’s are longer than the 100’s.

It is a good thing that RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company also released Capri cigarette
coupons that the consumers can use. Because of these coupons, you can also buy your
favourite brand of cigarettes without paying for the full price. Regardless if the store
has ongoing sale or note, your cigarette pack or ream will always be discounted.

If you got some coupons, you also have to learn how you can maximize the amount of
discounts that you can get. How exactly are going to do that?

Online Capri Cigarette Coupons

Comparing deals is always a good trick especially if you are searching online. Do
not just clip the first coupon that you will see. The discounts that you can get can
range from $0.50 to $1 per pack. If you buy in bulk, there may be higher amount of
discounts too. Do initial computation to see which coupon will give you the highest
amount of discount.

You might want to inquire in the local store if they also accept coupon stacking.
This means buying Capri cigarettes that are already on sale, while using coupons to
increase the discounts. It could also mean using two different coupons together—one
from the manufacturer and the other one from the retailer. If you are able to do this,
you can get double discounts for the Capri cigarette you bought.

Getting Capri Cigarette Coupons should not bee too hard at all. All it takes is a simple
search on line for the web based coupon providers which offer Capri cigarette

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31 thoughts on “Capri Cigarette Coupons

  1. Adele Linda Guiteras on said:

    Please send me Capri coupons! ….for Capri Magenta !

    Very enjoyable cigarette for myself and my husband., BUT THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE !!

    Thank you!

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  3. Barbara Lee on said:

    I am trying to find coupons for Capri menthol 120′s. Every site I go to saying capri coupons links over to something different. Can you let me know if there is a actual site to get capri coupons?

  4. I have smoked Capri Light Menthol for years (Jade), they are hard to find and expensive. I have found that in the middle of the cigarette there is a hard core that I have to take out and light again! What’s going on? Please send me a 2 pack replacement and coupons for additional packs. Thank you.

  5. Please send coupons for Capri 120 magenta’s. These are my favorites, but can no longer afford them! I will have to change brands or quit smoking because I am paying $7.53 a pack! Do you have a similar cigarette that is not so expensive?

  6. I smoke capri 120′s regular . I would love to have coupons to buy my brand as the price for 1 pack is $8.30 here in utah . I say this brand should be more the generic price as the cigarette has half of the tobacco regular brands have . Please send me coupons as i use to recieve , i havent had any in quite sometime . Please send me coupons for my capri cig . Thank you

  7. Dorla Curry on said:

    Please send coupons for Capri Menthol Jade. I usually buy by the carton but would also use pack coupons. Thank you.

  8. Belinda Mangone on said:

    Please send me coupons for Capri Regular Magenta 120′s and Capri Menthol Indigo 120′s as I smoke both. I usual buy a carton of the Indigo 120′s and 6-8 packs of the Magenta 120′s every 2-3 weeks. I was sad when you discontinued the program that gave away free gifts with the corresponding bar code tabs from each pack of cigarettes. I still collect them to this day out of habit and wish you would bring the promotion back. It would make paying the higher prices for the 120′s a little less painful and make being in the less popular class “smoker’s” a little easier to swallow!

    Thanks…Belinda Mangone…

  9. Belinda Mangone on said:

    Just as a suggestion from a consumer’s point of view, even though you search on the internet for Capri coupons you are still directed to many many sites. For someone like me that does not really have time to be on the computer much, it is very flustrating sorting through all the suggested sites. I feel that RJ Reynolds should have a site for coupons that is easily navigated for each of their brands of cigarettes (especially the more expensive brands such as Capri’s)without being directed to many other websites and where you can print the coupons of your choice immediately, to assist their consumers in saving time and money!

  10. Very much disappointed with Capri Magenta. When I light up a cigarette, the end burns back approx 1/2″ to 1″ wasting part of cigarette OR the other cigarettes will burn out if you constanly don’t puff. I do not feel for the price I pay that Capri is worth the money. Too expensive for an inferior product. Either you improve product or I quit using and will be quite vocal as to the reason.

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